Created with young readers and writers in mind, Pray Like This guides children ages 7-11 through the Lord's Prayer, learning to pray through readings, prayer examples, and fun journaling prompts. 

Age Appropriate

For most young elementary age kids, writing can still be a struggle. Pray Like This requires minimal writing and most journaling prompts can be done with either writing or drawing!

Fun and Low Pressure

With a fun doodling theme, this journal encourages creativity and downplays the need for perfection. The focus is making the journal your own and spending time with God.

Fully Guided

Unlike other prayer journals that are just the same set of prompts over and over, Pray Like This is fully guided, with unique reflections for each day. The Lord's Prayer is broken down into six sections, providing the topic for each day's prayer focus.


Why this prayer journal?

When my son turned six and began to read on his own, I knew that I wanted to start guiding him in his own personal quiet time with the Lord. It is so important that our children develop a strong, personal relationship with God.

I knew that I didn't want to be continually poking my head into his quiet time to offer guidance, so I found myself wondering what would be the best way to give him support as he learned how to pray, while also not getting in the way as his relationship with God was developing.

Inspiration striking, I quickly took to Amazon to look at options for kid's prayer journals. However, I was underwhelmed by what I saw. What was available either provided little guidance or required pages and pages of writing - neither of which would work for my son's age.

So, I took to developing my own!

My first idea was a book full of just simple prayer prompts, however as I studied prayer for myself, I soon realized that would not be sufficient. So, with the desire to teach young kids to pray, I went to the best prayer teacher I knew - Jesus.

Breaking down the Lord's Prayer provided the perfect place to begin learning about what it means to pray and be in relationship with God. Short, easy to read reflections were included to help break down the concepts and apply them to real life. Prayer examples and journaling prompts serve to guide the child as they make the prayers their own.

With Pray Like This at their side, kids can go into their first quiet times with direction as they learn what it means to meet with God in prayer.



Available now in paperback and digital PDF download!

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About the Author

Mom to four wild little boys, Liz Millay
spends her days trying to find time to get the dishes done in-between play-doh sessions and puddle jumping.

She has run the Steadfast Family online ministry since 2014 and loves using her experience and education to help families grow strong and build their foundation on Jesus.

Liz is the author of many children's Bible study materials (find them here), including the wildly popular Play Through the Bible.

You can connect with her in the Steadfast Family online communities on Instagram and Facebook, and in the Grace for the Little Years Facebook group.