Play Through the Bible (Vol. 2) EBOOK


Are you ready to start teaching your little one the Bible, but you’re not quite sure how to get started?

Play Through the Bible takes the truth of scripture and helps you teach it in a way that every toddler will go crazy for – play! With over 195 simple ideas for crafts, activities, and more this guide is guaranteed to have something that every kid (and parent!) loves.

So get ready to pretend, craft, run, dance, eat, sing, and PLAY through the Bible together!

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Q. What stories are included?
A. In Play Through the Bible vol. 2, there are fifteen New Testament stories included: Jesus’ Birth, Jesus’ Baptism, Jesus Heals a Blind Man, Jesus Walks on Water, Jesus Feeds the 5,000, The Good Samaritan, Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Lost Sheep, Let the Children Come, Zacchaeus, Holy Week, The Early Church, Paul, The Armor of God, New Heaven and New Earth.

Q. Is there a print version?
A. Yes! You can order a print version through Amazon HERE. This listing is a DIGITAL version which will be emailed to you in pdf form.

Q. Can I use Play Through the Bible with my church group?
A. Yep! Many people have enjoyed adapting Play Through the Bible to use with their church class or play group. Just pick and choose the ideas that work well for your group.

Q. What age is this for?
A. Play Through the Bible was created with toddlers in mind! Age two is usually when children are ready for the majority of activities included (although some may be ready earlier!) and they will continue to enjoy them throughout their preschool and kindergarten years.

Q. Will my older child enjoy the activities?
A. While not specifically designed for them, many older children will have fun with the ideas in Play Through the Bible! 

Q. What type of supplies will I need?
A. Play Through the Bible was specifically designed to be used with the most basic of supplies! Most crafts are done with construction paper, glue, and crayons. Additional craft supplies are things that are simple and easy to grab from a local store or online! As far as the activities, those are easily able to be completed with what you already have laying around the house. If you want to try the sensory bin ideas, you will need a few things, like filler items such as beans or rice. There are also instructions to make wooden Bible peg people to use to play the stories. They aren’t necessary, but are a fun addition!

Q. How long do the activities take?
A. Most ideas in Play Through the Bible can be prepped in a matter of minutes and finished in the same time span it takes for your busy toddler to lose interest!  Plus, many of the ideas can be incorporated into your normal daily routine.

Q. Is there an Old Testament version?
A. Yep! Find it HERE or buy the bundle HERE.




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