Hey there! Things are a bit crazy around here for the next two weeks, so I’m taking a super short blogging break. However I wanted to pop in real quick to say, YAY, it’s the one year anniversary of Play Through The Bible!

If you’re new around here, Play Through the Bible was my big project last year. It is a 25 week series detailing our toddler Bible lesson plans. We worked through an entire toddler Bible, doing crafts and fun activities for each story. It was tons of fun!

Now, I always knew that this series was pretty popular on Pinterest. It made me really excited to see all the people pinning (and hopefully doing!) our fun Bible activities. However, I just recently checked the posts to see how popular they were on Pinterest…

The Play Through The Bible series has been pinned over TEN THOUSAND TIMES!

Wow! I was floored and so grateful! It makes me so excited to think of all the little toddlers out there learning about simple truths from God’s Word!

So, in honor of the one year anniversary and the series doing so well on Pinterest I went back through and updated all the posts! Did a little cleaning up, a little editing, and gave the series a new look!

The old graphic was one of the first I had ever made and it never quite looked the way I wanted…

Play Through The Bible

See? Not so pretty.

And here’s the new one!

Play Through The Bible
Yay! Look at all those fun activities!

One last thing – to make preparing to do the lessons with your little one a whole lot easier I’ve put together a free supply list!

I purposely made the lessons so that they mainly used only basic craft supplies and things you’d find laying around your house. I wanted the lessons to be simple and accessible for most people! Now, with the supply list, you can see exactly what you need for the whole series!

The supply list is free for subscribers – so to get your copy, just enter your name and email at the bottom of this post!

Again, thank you so much for making this series a success!

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  1. Beth Gearhart on July 21, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    how do I get the supply list? and do you have printable lessons?

    • Liz Millay on July 22, 2016 at 1:57 am

      If you subscribe to receive the weekly newsletter updates you will get an e-mail with a link to the subscriber freebie page, where you will find the supply list. You can do that at the bottom of this post or here – http://www.steadfastfamily.com/newsletter

      I do not have a printable version of these lesson plans at this time, but a Play Through the Bible lesson plan is in the works. However, it probably won’t be ready until next fall.