Play Through the Bible ONE YEAR Anniversary, a *New Look*, and FREE Printable!

Hey there! Things are a bit crazy around here for the next two weeks, so I’m taking a super short blogging break. However I wanted to pop in real quick to say, YAY, it’s the one year anniversary of Play Through The Bible!

If you’re new around here, Play Through the Bible was my big project last year. It is a 25 week series detailing our toddler Bible lesson plans. We worked through an entire toddler Bible, doing crafts and fun activities for each story. It was tons of fun!

Now, I always knew that this series was pretty popular on Pinterest. It made me really excited to see all the people pinning (and hopefully doing!) our fun Bible activities. However, I just recently checked the posts to see how popular they were on Pinterest…

The Play Through The Bible series has been pinned over TEN THOUSAND TIMES!

Wow! I was floored and so grateful! It makes me so excited to think of all the little toddlers out there learning about simple truths from God’s Word!

So, in honor of the one year anniversary and the series doing so well on Pinterest I went back through and updated all the posts! Did a little cleaning up, a little editing, and gave the series a new look!

The old graphic was one of the first I had ever made and it never quite looked the way I wanted…

Play Through The Bible

See? Not so pretty.

And here’s the new one!

Play Through The Bible
Yay! Look at all those fun activities!

One last thing – to make preparing to do the lessons with your little one a whole lot easier I’ve put together a free supply list!

I purposely made the lessons so that they mainly used only basic craft supplies and things you’d find laying around your house. I wanted the lessons to be simple and accessible for most people! Now, with the supply list, you can see exactly what you need for the whole series!

The supply list is free for subscribers – so to get your copy, just enter your name and email at the bottom of this post!

Again, thank you so much for making this series a success!

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IBG Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum

Fruit of the Spirit Preschool Curriculum Review {Home Preschool 101 Series}

This post is part of the series “Home Preschool 101.” It is a peek into how we do homeschool preschool.

Here are all the posts (links will go live as published)…

Our Home Preschool Goals

Our Simple Preschool Plan 2015-2016

Our Top Eight Preschool Building Materials

Our Top Five Preschool Science Supplies

Our Top Ten Preschool Arts and Craft Supplies

My Favorite Preschool Resources

Home Preschool Room Tour

fots review

As part of our preschool plan for this year we are going to be using the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum. Today, I wanted to spend a little time telling you about this awesome program!

IBG Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum

Overview of the Program

The Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum is an 18 week program designed to be done three days a week. Based on Galatians 5:22-23, it teaches God’s truths to little learners in a fun and engaging way. This curriculum uses God’s Word as the basis for learning about a variety of preschool skills such as: pre-reading skills, numbers, colors, shapes, and more. You can download a free lesson plan here.

What I Love about this Program

1. The seamless integration of Biblical truth and preschool skills

What a better way to teach your preschooler than to surround the lessons with truth about Jesus? Each lesson is based on a portion of Galatians 5:22-23 with Bible activities and preschool lessons to go along.


Making the “Fruit of the Spirit Tree”

2. Hands on activities

Leigh Ann definitely took into consideration the way preschoolers learn best when she created this curriculum. The whole thing is chalk-full of hands on activities! Crafts, sensory activities, music – when your child uses the Fruit of the Spirit he or she will have all their senses engaged.


*Attempting* to explain the Trinity

3. Great conversation starters

On our very first day of use the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum, K turned to me and asked “what is a Spirit?” We hadn’t discussed this topic very much outside of our lesson on the baptism of Jesus , so what followed was a conversation on the Trinity. Hard concept for a little person (or a big person!) to grasp, but we probably wouldn’t have even tried yet without the nudge from this program.


Playing a game with one of the printables

4. Uses low cost materials

We don’t have a lot of room in the budget for preschool materials, so this curriculum works perfectly. It requires no fancy supplies and what I didn’t already have, I was able to grab from Wal-mart in one trip. Plus, the recommended reading can be found at the library and the songs can be found on youtube. Not to mention the hundreds of printables included!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are looking for a great program for your preschooler that combines fun early learning activities and a great message about God’s truth – look no further. You will love the Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum!

Right now Leigh Ann is running a sale on the curriculum – 20% off of the already low price! But if you want it, you better grab it now because the sale only goes through the 31st! 

IBG Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum

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Reach Their Hearts Early: Discipling Your Preschooler


I tucked my three year old son into bed and asked him if he’d like to pray. He nodded his head yes and began in his small voice, “God, please give me a new heart every day…”

My own heart melted. I want nothing more than to see my child’s heart renewed through Christ.

It is my goal to be very intentional in discipling my children, even from a very young age. The hearts and minds of the littlest ones are capable of grasping more than we often give them credit for.

Are you looking for ways to disciple your young child? Join me over at Rooted Families where I’m sharing three ways that I’ve found to disciple my preschooler.

Reach Their Hearts Early



5 Tips for Including Young Children in the Kitchen {while still staying productive!}

Five Tips For Including Young Children In The Kitchen (and Still Staying Productive!)

It’s 5 o’clock and you know bellies are going to be rumbling soon. It’s time to make dinner. You start pulling food out of the fridge and pans out of the cupboard. It isn’t long before you hear the patter of little feet and a small but willing voice asking, “Can I help?”

The only problem is these little helpers aren’t always the most helpful.Oftentimes, by the end of a long day the last thing you want to do is take twice as long to cook dinner due to the “help” of your little ones….

What are you going to do? 

I’m over at Intentional By Grace today sharing five tips for including those little helpers in the kitchen, while still saying sane and productive! Read more here.

Thank Goodness God’s Not Like Me

Thank Goodness God's Not Like Me -

Bitter words they can’t really even comprehend pour out of my mouth.

“Kids! Please just play nicely! Everyone will have so much more fun if we treat others how we want to be treated.”

“That’s it! Time out! Now. You’re done.”

“You see? I told you this was going to happen if you didn’t listen to me!”

Wow. Toddlers sure could be frustrating and I was exasperated. Why wouldn’t they just listen?! Everything would be so much easier if they could just use a little bit of common sense. I wasn’t trying to make their lives miserable, but they sure seemed to think it was fun to try and make mine.

In case you couldn’t tell, I had a horrible attitude.

Then, a thought came mind.

What if this was how God treated humanity? 

After all, we must seem an awful lot like foolish toddlers to Him.

“Come on humanity, can’t you just be kind to each other? I’ve condensed it all down to two simple rules! Follow them already!”

“Now, see – I told you these horrible things were going to happen if you didn’t listen to me!”

“Alright, you’re done. That is it! I’ve had enough of you and your attitude!”

Needless to say, if God had my short temper I’d have been done for a long time ago. Dealing with humankind must be beyond frustrating, yet still He loves us and responds to our foolishness with grace and mercy.

The challenge is showing that same grace and mercy to the imperfect people around me.

“The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.”
-Psalm 145:8 

Thank goodness for mercy.
And thank goodness God is nothing like me.

Do you struggle with a short temper some days? What do you do to help keep things in perspective?

The ULTIMATE Round-Up of Resources for Teaching Toddlers about God

ultimate toddler roundup2
To celebrate the completion of our Play Through The Bible series I have brought together over 75 different resources from across the web that can help you as you strive to raise your little one to follow God. From Bible memory to learning how to sit still in church, this list has you covered!

If you enjoy this round-up, please be sure to pass it along to other toddler parents in need of ideas, tips, and encouragement!


General Tips and Ideas

Toddler Doctrine – Planting Seeds of the Gospel – Amanda from Bless Your Heart and Home shares the truths they are trying to impress upon their 2 year old son. Includes a large list of resources.

7 Ways to Teach Your Toddler About Jesus – Anne shares 7 ways she’s found to teach her little ones about Jesus.

Simple Ways to Bring Jesus into Your Child’s Daily Routine – Becca of Bare Feet on the Dashboard shares some great tips for making Jesus a part of everyday life.

Truth for Tots – A series from Jenni of Live Called that explores the many ways we can teach toddlers and preschoolers about God.

The ABC’s of Bible Study for Children – A series hosted by Dusty of To the Moon and Back bringing together 13 bloggers to share Bible Studies for each letter of the alphabet.




3 Ways to Hold Devotions With Your Toddler – Kayse Pratt gives three practical tips for how to find time to make devotions with your toddler a part of your daily routine, plus shares their current top book pick to use during that time.

Bible Time Suggestions for Toddlers and Preschoolers – MaryEllen from Imperfect Homemaker shares the three things she does during Bible time with her four children ages four and under.

How We Do Family Devotions with a Toddler – Leigh Ann from Intentional by Grace shares how her family does devotions all together in a way that fully includes their two year old son.

Four Ideas for Teaching Scripture to Your Baby or Toddler – Jenn from The Purposeful Mom shares four ways she’s found to teach scripture to the littlest ones who might not be ready for a structured devotions time.



Memorizing Scripture

How to Implement Bible Verses for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Memorize – Dollie from Teachers of Good Things shares what she’s found to be the most effective way to teach little ones to memorize scripture.

Bible Memory Beginnings for Toddlers and Preschoolers – Shirley from Satisfaction Through Christ shares a little bit of her story of beginning Bible memory with her son and gives some great tips for how she went about it. Includes free printables!

Printable ABC Memory Verses for Preschoolers – Free scripture printable for each letter of the alphabet from Mary Ellen of Imperfect Homemaker

How to Teach a Toddler to Memorize Scripture – Penny Lane from Sisters Raising Sisters shows that toddlers really can memorize scripture and gives four fun ways to help them learn to do it.

5 Bible Verses Toddlers Can (and Should) Memorize – Leigh Ann from Intentional by Grace shares her top five Bible verses they have their children memorize.



Christian Preschool Programs

ABC Jesus Loves Me – A Bible based preschool curriculum that has lesson plans beginning at age two and is free for family use.

God’s Little Explorers – This hands on and active preschool curriculum from Motherhood on a Dime has both free and paid versions.

Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers – Created for ages 2 & 3, Leigh Ann’s preschool curriculum is centered around the Fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23.

Montessori Bible Lessons Archives – While not a complete preschool curriculum, The Christian Montessori Network has a large collection of Bible based Montessori style preschool lessons.




How to Teach Toddlers and Preschoolers to Pray – Dollie from Teachers of Good Things shares three simple tips to teach your toddler or preschooler how to pray.

Meaningful Prayers for Kids – Kate from House Mix shares some simple but beautiful prayers she’s found that she says with her two year old.

What To Do When My Child Does Not Want to Pray (Continued) – Ten different types of prayers you can do with your child to encourage them to pray, from Jessica of Our Family For His Glory.



Bible Themed Quiet Books

The Story of Creation in a Quiet Book (no sew) – Nicolette from Powerful Mothering explains how to make a Creation themed quiet book.

Adorable Quiet Books! – If you’re not the DIY type, Alesha from Full Time Mama shares about the quiet books in her mom’s Etsy Shop!

Baby Jesus Book – If you are looking for something super simple, check out this printable touch and feel book from Bible Songs and More.




Best Bible Apps for Kids – Kim from Not Consumed shares eight of her favorite Bible apps.

Our Fave Bible Apps for Kids – Lauren from Tutus and Tea Parties shares her favorite free Bible apps for toddlers.

FREE Holy Bible iPhone and Android App for KIDS! – An awesome Bible app created by YouVersion shared by Heidi from (K loves this one!)

9 Best Bible Apps for Kids – After trying out a bunch of different kids Bible apps, Rachel from shares her top 9.




Steve Green’s Hide ‘Em in Your Heart – One of our absolute favorites! A classic that I used to listen to when I was a kid!

Teaching Young Children Bible Verses through Scripture Songs – Jenni from Live Called shares four great scripture song resources as part of her Truth for Tots series.

Preschool Bible Songs – A long list of classic preschool Bible songs from ABC Jesus Loves Me.




The Best Bibles for Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers – Jenae from I Can Teach My Child gives the run down on the best story Bibles for three different age ranges.

Best Biblical Themed Books for Kids – Heather from the Christian Montessori Network shares her top children’s Bibles.

Toddler Bibles Reviewed – Some criteria for evaluating toddler Bibles and thorough reviews for 7 selections from Raising Godly Children.

A New Family Favorite – A review of Treasury of Bible Stories from Tricia Goyer.

Christian Picture Books – A round-up of eleven Christian picture books to read with your little one from Le Chaim (on the right).



Little Ones in Church

How to Keep Your Children Quiet in Church – Leigh Ann from Intentional by Grace shares the why and the how she keeps her little boys in the church service.

No Fuss Parenting – Teach Kids to Sit Still – Tricia from shares the method she used to teach her kids to sit still – a valuable skill for going to church!

Seven Ways to Help Little Ones Behave in Church – Brittany from Equipping Godly Women gives seven things she does to teach her kids to behave in church.

My Church Bag Ideas – Ideas for quiet activities to have in a church bag for a 2 and 4 year old from Six Sister’s Stuff.

Quiet Bags – Hillary from Pulling Curls shares 5 tips for packing a special church bag for your kids.




Noah’s Ark Game – A printable Noah’s Ark dice game from Let’s Get Together.

God Made the Farm Animals – A File Folder Game from Bible Fun For Kids.

Play Games – Tons of great Bible games for home or Sunday School from Jesus Without Language.

The Obedience Game – Jodi from Meaningful Mama takes an important lesson in character and turns it into a fun game kids will be begging to play!

Games for Ages Birth through 2 – There are tons of great resources for games in the archives of Children’s Ministry Magazine.



Character Development/Parenting

Happy Hearts Method of Discipline for Toddlers – Leigh Ann from Intentional by Grace shares a parenting strategy that has worked wonders for her toddler. (We do something very similar with K too!)

Character Development Archives – Jodi from Meaningful Mama has TONS of resources for character development for kids of all ages.

Toddler Tantrums are a Gift – In this insightful post, Leigh Ann from Intentional by Grace explains how she came to learn that tantrums can really be a blessing in disguise.

Intentionally Parenting Your Toddler – Lisa shares a three part series about parenting toddlers on her blog, The Pennington Post.

What God Really Wants for Moms with Young Children – Some really insightful advice about where to keep your focus during the trying years of raising littles, from The Better Mom.




Teaching Toddlers the Story of Jesus’ Birth – Jennifer, mom of triplets, shares how she taught her toddlers the Christmas Story.

Celebrate Advent with your family using the Jesus Storybook Bible – Adriel Booker shares how her family used the Jesus Storybook Bible to observe the advent season. Includes a free printable reading guide!

7 Nativity Learn and Play Activities – Another great resource from The Christian Montessori Network.

Sensory Nativity Story Box – A really fun idea for sharing the Nativity Story with little ones from The Fairy and the Frog.

Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones – A review of the Christmas book Song of the Stars and activities to go along from The Homeschool Village.

Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers – Super cute Resurrection Eggs just for toddlers from Meredith of Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home.

Easter Salvation Storybook Craft – A fun craft for toddlers and preschoolers that goes through the Easter story from Rebecca of Family Abounds.

Flannel-Board Fun! – Heather from Cultivated Lives shares a fun Easter flannel board she made for her boys.

Free Easter Preschool Printable – A 7 page mini pack from Brooke of The Intentional Momma.



Free Printables

A is for Adam and Eve – Brooke from To the Moon and Back has many great printable packets, including this one for Adam and Eve.

Top 10 Free Printable Bible Verses Coloring Pages for Your Toddler – from the Mom Junction.

Toddler Bible Time – A free printable scripture booklet from Emily of Live a Charmed Life, perfect for toddler devotions.

Bible Verses from 1 to 10 – Scripture memory cards based off the songs from the Songs for Saplings 123 album from Amy of Wildflower Ramblings. Amy also has more free printables which she links to in this post.

ABC Printable Scripture Cards – Super cute cards with scripture for every letter of the alphabet from Jenae of I Can Teach My Child.

Bible Kids Fun Zone – Tons of free crafts and printables for preschoolers.



Bible Crafts and Activities

Crafting the Word of God – Crafts for pretty much every Bible story you could ever want! We have used quite a few of them in our Play Through The Bible Series.

Bible Alphabet Crafts – A Bible craft to go along with every letter in the alphabet from Catholic Icing.

Fruit of the Spirit Toddler/Preschool Lessons – Marla from Better Than I Could Have Imagined shares some fun Fruit of the Spirit activities she did with her little girls.

One Year Old Preschool: Creation – Leah from Simple. Home. Blessings. shares the creation activities she did with her one year old daughter.

Lamb of God Sheep Craft – Tara from Feels Like Home shares an adorable sheep craft that can lead to all manner of Biblical discussions with your young child.

Parable of the Sower Small World Play – A super fun small world from Wugs and Dooey that multiple ages are sure to enjoy!

Biblical Lunches Archives – Amy from Creative Kids Snacks has tons of amazing lunches and snacks with a biblical theme.

Moses and the 10 Commandments Booklet and Activity –  Tara from Feels Like Home has a free printable 10 Commandments Booklet for kids to create their own little book of the 10 Commandments.

Creating Your Own DIY Godly Play Materials – Interested in the Montessori based curriculum Godly Play? Megan shares a bunch of great ideas for DIYing your own materials. Want to learn more about Godly Play? Check out the links at the top of the post for the rest of the Godly Play series.

How to Make Bible Story Stones – Leigh Ann from Intentional by Grace shares how she made some fun Bible Story Stones with her boys.



Pinterest Boards

This is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to resources for teaching your toddler about God. New posts are being shared every day. Here’s a list of Pinterest boards to follow to keep the ideas flowing! 


I hope you enjoyed this giant list of resources and were able to find some great ideas and encouragement!

Am I missing a resource you love? Please add it in the comments so I can check it out!

And, again, if this list blessed you in any way please consider sharing it with others!


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IBG Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum

Holy Week – Play Through The Bible – Week 25

Play Through The Bible


Week 25 of Play Through The Bible is our final week! I cannot believe we’ve made it all the way through! For this last week, I decided to combine all the Holy Week stories into one unit. It made it a lot easier for us to get the whole story that way.

Sorry this post ended up being late! I tried to blame it on the busy week we’ve had – warm spring days outside, freezer meal prep for when the baby comes, last visits with grandparents before they leave, fun weekend at an air show, etc. However, if I’m honest with myself I knew that wasn’t really the case.

I was avoiding this week.

Even though we’ve talked about the gospel story before, the significance of it was weighing on me. The emotion, the heaviness of it all. I wanted to make it meaningful. So I kept putting it off. Finally, I realized that I just needed to do what I always do – keep it simple.

We did a simple craft for each part of the story and it ended up going great. I hope you enjoy it too!

If you haven’t read the introduction to this series yet I recommend going here. For all the plans in one place, go here.


Week Twenty Five – Holy Week

Focus Point

Jesus loved us so much that he died for us and then He rose from the grave!

Story Time Tips

  • We read “Jesus is Coming” starting on page 234, “Jesus is Alive!” starting on page 244, and “Good-Bye” starting on page 250 of The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers and “The Day Jesus Died” starting on page 316, “Jesus Is Alive!” starting on page 326, and “Good News!” starting on page 336 of The Rhyme Bible Storybook.
  • We sat down and read each of the stories in a row and then went back through them and talked about what happened. It is a lot for a three year old to grasp, but he tried really hard!
  • Lately K has been very interested in trying to be good. Every night he asks me “was I good today?” While I am grateful for his effort, I have had to remember to remind him that there is only One who is good all the time. We have talked about how everyone (even mommy and daddy!) do bad things, but only God does only good things. This was the beginning of our gospel talk because it is the foundation of understanding why Jesus had to do what he did. He is trying really hard to wrap his mind around God being so good that people who do bad things can’t be with Him, so Jesus came to be good for us. It is a conversation we will continue for all his growing up years!


Put on some praise music (try this fun song!) and wave your palm branches around (that you make in Day 1’s craft).

Play Through The Bible Week 25 - Holy Week


Parent: “What happened to Jesus?”

Child: “He died on the cross.”

Parent: “Then where did they put him?”

Child: “In a tomb.”

Parent: “What happened when they looked in the tomb?”

Child: “He wasn’t there.”

Parent: “Where was he?”

Child: “He was alive!”

Daily Craft

Day One – Palm Branches


Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Materials Needed:

  • Green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Craft sticks (we ended up not using them, but using more paper instead)

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

First, cut out your leaf shapes. Fold the paper in half long-ways and cut it out similar to how you would cut out a heart.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Leaving the leaf folded in half, make cuts down the side almost to the middle.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Tightly roll a piece of green paper and glue it closed.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Glue the rolled up paper onto the middle of your leaf.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Make another if you’d like. Perfect for waving around! Hosanna!


Day Two – Coloring Page 

Day Three – Cross Painting

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week


Materials needed:

  • Paint
  • Painters or masking tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper (not pictured, we used a large piece of lightweight cardboard)

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Use the tape to outline a cross onto your paper.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Paint all over your “canvas.”

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Let the paint dry and then remove the tape!

Day Four – Empty Grave

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week


Materials needed:

  • Paper plate, cut in half
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Angel printout (got it here)

The inspiration for this craft was found here.


Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Cut an opening in one of the paper plate halves and cut out the angel.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Color the paper plates gray.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Color the angel.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Glue the angel to the paper plate without the hole.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Glue the two paper plates together.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

As an optional little touch, we added a “He is risen!” sign. Of course, the tomb didn’t want to stand up after that, but ah well!

Day Five – Jesus Goes To Heaven

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week


Materials needed:

  • Jesus printout (here)
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Blue marker

This craft came from ABC Jesus Loves Me.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Color the sky on your printout blue.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

Glue on the cotton balls for the clouds.

Play Through The Bible - Week 25 - Holy Week

All done! (He colored Jesus too)

Extra Resources

We didn’t use anything else this week!



I hope you enjoyed week twenty five of Play Through The Bible. I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or use the hashtag #playthroughthebible on Twitter or Instagram! 

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IBG Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum

5 Ways to Teach Your Toddler About God


Today I’m over at Intentional By Grace sharing 5 tips I’ve learned over the last year about how to teach your toddler about God. Here’s a sneak peak…

Toddlers. You’ve got to love them. Wild balls of energy with short attention spans and an even shorter ability to sit still. Logic means nothing to them, and don’t even start with the analogies and metaphors. So how exactly are you supposed to even begin to explain to them the very long, very complex thing that is the Bible?

We can all agree that teaching Biblical truths to our children from a young age is important, but sometimes it is just so hard to know where to start. 

Shortly after my son turned two I knew that I wanted to start being more intentional with teaching him about the Bible, so I set out to find ways to make connections with his toddler brain and heart.

I want to share with you five things I’ve learned in the last year… read more at Intentional By Grace.

Jesus Heals A Blind Man – Play Through The Bible – Week 23


Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Healing the Blind Man

So sorry about  how late this post is going up! It was one of “those weeks” where Bible craft time just didn’t happen! Plus, it was rainy all week and that always makes the dismal light situation in our house go from bad to horrible – not good for pictures! Thankfully, we had some time to today to sit down a do a few simple crafts to go along with our story.

Week 23 of Play Through The Bible is the story of Jesus healing a blind man. Even though our story Bible only gave one blind man story (the man calling out from the side of the road), we also included the story of Jesus healing the blind man by putting mud on his eyes. We kept it simple and still had a lot of fun!

If you haven’t read the introduction to this series yet I recommend going here. For all the plans in one place, go here.


Week Twenty Three – Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Focus Point

Jesus heals a blind man.

Story Time Tips

  • We read “The Blind Man” starting on page 218 of The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers.
  • We had to stop on the first set of pages and talk a little bit about what it meant to be blind. K had never heard the word before. I told him that it meant you couldn’t see. I told him to close his eyes and said that if you were blind it would be like that all the time! I asked him if he thought it would be good to be blind and he said “no.”
  • I made extra mention of how the crowd tried to tell the blind man to be quiet. I asked him what he thought Jesus would say. (This ties in to last week’s story with the disciples trying to tell the children to go away.)
  • After we finished reading the story, I told K the story of another blind man. I told him how Jesus put mud on his eyes and when he washed them, he could see! He thought this was just the craziest thing and immediately had to run and tell the story to daddy.


Play a blind man listening game. This would be a great game to play outside where there is a lot of sounds to hear. Have your child close their eyes and pretend to be blind. Have them listen really closely just like the blind man did in the story. Have them be quiet as long as they can (this is a hard one for toddlers!) and then have them tell you about the sounds they heard.


Parent: “Could the blind man see?”

Child: “No.”

Parent: “But who did he hear?”

Child: “Jesus.”

Parent: “What did Jesus do for the blind man?”

Child: “Made it so he could see!”

Parent: “Yes, because Jesus is very powerful. He can do miracles!”

Daily Craft

Day One – Small World

Due to time restraints, we didn’t do a small world this week!

Day Two – Coloring Page

Day Three – Blind Man Mask

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man


Materials needed:

We found this fun idea from Crafting the Word of God!


Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

First, color the two faces. K did one and I helped with the other.

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Cut out the faces.

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Cut out the eye patches and glue those onto one of the faces.

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Glue the two faces together with the craft stick stuck in between.

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

All finished!

Day Four – Blind Man Healed with Mud

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man


Materials needed:

  • Blank face (we found one here)
  • Tape (not pictured)
  • Markers
  • Two small brown squares cut out of construction paper

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

First, color a face onto your head. In true toddler style, K gave the man a purple face, pink hair, and a blue beard! 🙂

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Tape the brown squares over the eyes (only on one side so they can flip open).

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Open and close the flaps to put on the “mud” and wash it off.

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man


Day Five – Eyes in the Mud


Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Materials needed:

  • Play-doh, preferably brown (we already had some made up that was a bunch of colors mixed together – works for us!)
  • Googley eyes

I found the idea for this activity on I Can Teach My Child. She has a whole lesson plan to go along with the activity, so check it out.

Play Through The Bible - Week 23 - Jesus Heals the Blind Man

I just gave the Play-Doh and eyes to K and let him play freely, putting the “mud” on and off the eyes. It kept him entertained for quite a while!

Extra Resources

We didn’t use any extra resources this week, do you have any to share?



I hope you enjoyed week twenty three of Play Through The Bible. I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or use the hashtag #playthroughthebible on Twitter or Instagram! 

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A Little Servant Girl and the Proud General (The Story of Naaman) – The Jesus Storybook Bible Blog Hop


We are joining up with My Mundane and Miraculous Life again today for the Jesus Storybook Bible Blog Hop!

Today we read “A Little Servant Girl and the Proud General” beginning on page 136 of The Jesus Storybook Bible. We focused a lot on how Naaman thought he was very important and his heart was sick. He thought he was too important to get healed in a stinky river, but God healed his heart and his skin!

For our activity we had a “Naaman Gets Healed in the River” bath!

Naaman is Healed in the River


First you need to give yourself some skin disease! 🙂 We took some red paint and mixed it with a couple generous squirts of soap. Then, we used a circle foam brush to paint on some big red dots. This was very silly and goofy and fun, but we made sure to make some “sad Naaman” faces too!


Next, start filling up the tub! We took some green and red food coloring to make our water icky like the river.


Here’s what our bath looked like with the food coloring added.




K thought that having a green bath was absolutely the most delightful thing ever.


Time to hop in!



Time to wash up Naaman!


All done! Sad and prideful Naaman has been healed! He is no longer sick on his skin or in his heart!

Be sure to check out all the Jesus Storybook Bible activities over at My Mundane and Miraculous Life.

If you are looking for more fun Bible activities to do with your toddler or preschooler be sure to check out our Play Through The Bible series!


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