Advent Snacks for Kids

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In order to extend the learning while doing Truth in the Tinsel, I wanted to come up with a simple supplement. After doing some brainstorming, I came up with Advent Snacks! They are simple snacks, themed after each day in of Truth in the Tinsel, that you can easily make with stuff you probably already have lying around.

These snacks are most definitely not food art! While I think those crazy awesome snacks and the people that make them are amazing, that is not something in my skill set – or time allotment! This is food that you’ll be able to whip together in a few minutes, making it so you can continue to nourish their spirits at the same time as you do their little bodies!

What if you don’t have Truth in the Tinsel? No problem! Christmas is Christmas, and you can just as easily use any or all of these snacks without the TNT eBook. However, if you haven’t given Truth in the Tinsel a shot, I highly recommend it! (You can read my review here)

Here’s the other week’s snacks:

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Alright, are you ready to see this week’s snacks? Let’s get started!

Day 13 – Bethlehem


Advent Snacks day 13 - bethlehem

A house of bread made to represent Bethlehem (which means “the house of bread”). I used butter and honey toast with a little door cut out to make it. You could add some little windows too!

Day 14 – Stable


Advent Snacks day 14 -stable

For day 14 we made a simple stable snack. Just form the stable out of pretzel rods and add some peanut butter “dirt” and coconut “hay.” While making this snack I realized it would have been perfect if I would have had some animal crackers to add!

Day 15 – Manger

Advent Snacks day 15 - manger

This manger snack was made with a grilled cheese sandwich! Just cut in half to make the bed/trough and use the leftovers to make the legs. The baby Jesus head was made out of apple cut into a circle and it was finished off with some shredded cheese “straw.”

Day 16 – Cloths


Advent Snacks day 16 - cloths

Day 16 is about Jesus being wrapped in swaddling cloths. For this snack, I wrapped a cheese stick in some deli meat. However, you could also wrap cheese in a tortilla, wrap a hot dog in bread, or wrap bread/tortilla around a banana.

 Day 17 – Sheep


Advent Snacks day 17 - sheep

I think this is quite possibly the cutest snack we’ve made so far! For this adorable little sheep, all you need is some popcorn for the body, pretzel rods for the legs, and a pretzel crisp for the face (a regular pretzel would probably work too!). Tip for the popcorn when you only want to make a small amount – place a single layer of popcorn kernels on the bottom of a microwave safe bowl with a small pat of butter. Cover with a plate and microwave until the popping slows down. Sprinkle with a little salt and you are good to go!

Day 18 – Angels


Advent Snacks day 18 - angels

Okay, so these little guys are pretty cute too! To make these angels, peel an orange and separate the slices. Cut small chunks of carrot so they lay flat. Use the oranges for the wings and add a cheerio “halo”!

That’s all for Truth in the Tinsel days 13-18! Look for the next six days coming soon! Let me know about your favorite TNT supplement in the comments below!