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If he could, my three and a half year old son (K) would spend all day cutting, glueing, and coloring. He loves doing crafts!

So, as part of our “Home Preschool 101” series I wanted to share with you our top ten arts and crafts supplies!

(These supplies would be perfect for the Play Through The Bible series!)

1. Crayola Pip-Squeaks Skinnies

Pip Squeaks Skinnies are amazing. I love these markers! They are the perfect size for little hands. Plus, they come in so many fun colors. K is literally using these off and on all. day. long.

2. Paper

Construction paper is definitely used for tons of crafts in our house. K also goes through a bunch of scrap paper (mostly old loose leaf paper) since he is all about writing right now.

We also use our giant roll of paper a lot. Ours came from my dad who can get them from his work (a recycling company), but here is something similar.

3. Kid Scissors

K’s been able to cut with kid scissors for a while now. They are one of his favorite art tools! It has been really fun watching him go from just learning how to grip them, to using them to make all sorts of fun creations.

4. Tempera Paint

We usually pick up paint from Walmart or Hobby Lobby that looks almost exactly like these ones. They are very affordable, which is perfect for preschoolers who like to use a lot of paint! Quick tip: mix in a squirt of dish soap for easy finger painting clean-up!

5. Water Colors

We just picked up a new set of water colors the other day and K went to town painting with them! These little Crayola palettes are nice, but I really want to try liquid watercolors sometime soon!

6. Chalk

We have this exact same pack of Crayola chalk and it works great! The colors are so bright and they write so easily. We’ve used them both outside on the sidewalk and inside on our giant chalkboard. We are almost out – I need to restock!

7. Glue Sticks

While we do occasionally use standard Elmer’s glue, K’s glue of choice is glue sticks. He loves to cut and glue paper to create his own crafts. The disappearing purple glue is our favorite because it is really easy for him to see where he has put the glue down.

8. Craft Sticks

We have a big box of jumbo craft sticks and K is always pulling them out to make all sorts of different creations. We’ve also used them as manipulatives for math work and as prayer sticks.

9. Stickers

Stickers are so great for fine motor practice! My favorite place to pick up stickers is the dollar store, but you can grab a pretty good deal here.

10. Googly Eyes

These crazy little googly eyes are one of K’s favorites! Nothing completes a project like a nice set of wiggly eyes (or three or four if you’re making a monster!). I think next time I might spring for the more expensive peel and stick google eyes.

Share your favorites in the comments!

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  2. […] Our Top Ten Preschool Arts and Crafts Supplies […]

  3. […] Our Top Ten Preschool Arts and Craft Supplies […]

  4. Liz on February 15, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    This is a great list! Thank you! We are diving into the world of homeschool preschool and you have so many helpful tips and things to gather for it.