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Turning On The TV For Your Child? Do This First!

Five questions to evaluate your child's screen time habits

Inside: Five questions to evaluate your child’s screen time How about you guys go turn on a movie? Once again, 5:00 rolled around, I was just DONE for the day. Yet, there was much ahead of me still to be done and the children running around my feet were ready to make me snap. Small…

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5 Questions For When You Need A Parenting Heart Check

I could feel the frustration and exasperation welling up inside of me. My hands clenched tight and my jaw set firm. This was a recurring problem and, frankly, this morning I did. not. have. time. for. it. My frustration boiled over and spilled out in the form of angry words spoken in haste. What are…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Memorize Bible Verses Along With Your Kids

*Affiliate links included* Memorizing Scripture is a common Bible activity for children. Whether it’s through programs like Awana, by using Bible verses set to music, or even one of the lesson plans here on Steadfast Family – there are lots of recommendations and resources for Scripture memorization. Once you’re a grown up, however, you don’t hear it talked…

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Why I’m a “Lazy” Parent

I am a lazy parent. There, I said it. It’s out in the open. I’ve confessed. Now, when I say lazy I don’t mean… Lazy in teaching my children God’s truth. Lazy in building my children’s character. Lazy in spending quality time together. And definitely not lazy in leading them to the gospel. Okay, okay,…

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The Treadmill of Mothering Small Children

The afternoon felt like I was stuck in that movie Groundhog’s Day. At this point my 8 week old was starting to fall into some semblance of predictable routines. He woke for the day around the same time, stayed up for a while, cat napped the rest of the morning, and then usually took a…

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Reach Their Hearts Early: Discipling Your Preschooler

I tucked my three year old son into bed and asked him if he’d like to pray. He nodded his head yes and began in his small voice, “God, please give me a new heart every day…” My own heart melted. I want nothing more than to see my child’s heart renewed through Christ. It…

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